Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

Position is available on all levels – junior / mid / senior.

Here at GrabIT, we are hiring top class talents not just by their skill, but also their wish to grow and be more successful in a truly unique work environment. We give our employees the opportunity to gain remarkable experience, that will help them make a significant impact on the business outcomes of our clients and our company.

We are looking for Cloud Infrastructure Engineer to help us with the development of the new cloud based solution, who will be responsible for providing infrastructure, backend and frontend solutions for the product.

Our team is offering these essential functions:

– Deployment of services to the cloud in an automated fashion.

– Enable our internal development teams by supporting them with architectural and security decisions, introduction of monitoring and logging practices and development of CI/CD pipelines.

– Continuous improvement, automation and maintenance of production systems.

– Coach and mentor less experienced colleagues.

– Contribute to improvement of team’s ways of working.

– Debug and creatively solve day to day technical issues.

Our work requires the use of these service tools: Docker, Kubernetes, Helm, Ansible, Azure, AWS, Gitlab, Grafana, ELK, Prometheus, Gerrit, Jenkins.

Required skills:

– Hands-on experience at least one script language (Python/Bash).

– Highly responsible with high attention to detail

– Self-starter, who is able to work and learn independently

– Good security posture

– Ability to self-learn and attention to detail

– Analysis and problem-solving skills

– Good knowledge of the English language.

– Able to thrive in a fast-paced environment

– Good verbal & written communication skills and demonstrated ability to collaborate across teams and organizations

Ideal Candidate Qualities:

– DevOps set of mind

– Experience with configuration management (Ansible/Puppet/Chef/Terraform)

– Hands-on experience with containers (Docker/Kubernetes/Nomad/Mesos)

– You have worked with at least one IaaS cloud provider such as AWS/Azure/GCP before

– You have experience with complex multi-tier applications powering a high-traffic web service on a global scale

– You have good coding skills in Golang and/or PhP/Javascript/Java

GrabIT and You:

Our relationship with you, will be your best experience. We provide competitive salary, stimulations for progress and we offer the best working place where snack and drinks are guaranteed.

With your technical background and skills, we will be able to easily interact and work with our client, providing the best services in the on-growing business world.

You will be required to be involved in all project aspects from planning, migration, to initial support, in a international team, that has been developing bleeding edge web technology used by cloud providers, sponsored by a global technology giant. Technology is in fairly early stage of development.

The most you can get out of this offered experience is the work with other senior engineers in your team solving various problems.

Salary: 1200-3500 EUR before taxes

If interested, please contact us by email at