Machine Learning/Data Integration Engineer

Here at GrabIT, we are hiring top class talents not just by their skill,
but also their wish to grow and be more successful in a truly
unique work environment. We are… as you are. Humans.
Developers. Consultants. We speak your language and we are
passioned about technology. So let’s talk and let’s do great things

We are very honest and quite ambitious. We work hard and we
play hard. We can do a lot alone, but we excel as a team. We
accept challenges and we offer solutions. We do not guess, we
ask. All we expect from you is to be like us when it comes to these
things, for the rest, we highly respect and support the diversity.

We offer you:
• to learn and to earn
• to have fun and to work
• to feel like at home and to travel
• to work for clients on the other continent while having the comfort
from your home
• to have a computer and phone of your choice to do the work
• to listen for your ideas and to support you
• to help you when you need it, regardless whether it is your private
or professional life
• to help you to reach your dreams
• to have a customized career path that fits your interests and

The position is open to mid and senior levels of seniority.

Required skills:
• Knowledge of the python language
• Knowledge of object-oriented programming
• Experience with databases (SQL, NoSQL)
• Experience with ORM solutions
• Experience in developing and using RESTful APIs
• Knowledge of test-driven development
• Experience with NumPy, SciPy, Pandas packages
• Desired experience with scikit-learn and tensorflow
• Knowledge of Linux OS including administration of production
grade services
• Experience with version control systems (GIT)
• Active knowledge of the English language

You can earn:
• a yearly bonus of up to 3 monthly salaries
• yearly additional pension insurance which is growing with the
years up to 2000 EUR per year

If you are intrigued, write us an email to: and
let’s discuss the position over a coffee in our comfy office.