PHP Backend Developers

We are… as you are. Humans. Developers. Hackers. Passioned about technology. So let’s talk and let’s do great things together.

We are very honest and very ambitious. We work hard and we play hard. Each of us can do a lot alone, but we excel as a team. We accept challenges and we offer solutions. We do not guess, we ask. All we expect from you is to be like us when it comes to these things, for the rest we highly respect and support diversity.

We offer you:
  • to learn and to earn
  • to have fun and to work
  • to feel like at home and to travel
  • to work for clients on the other continent while having the comfort from your home
  • to have a computer and phone of your choice to do the work
  • to listen for your ideas and to support you
  • to help you when you need it, regardless wether it is your private or professional life
  • to help you to reach your dreams
You can earn:
  • salary before taxes between 1000 EUR (junior) and 3500 EUR (senior).
  • yearly bonus of up to 3 monthly salaries
  • yearly additional pension insurance which is growing with the years up to 2000 EUR per year
If (you are great with PHP) or (you have intention to be great with PHP), then contact us by email at